Data Analytics

Data Analytics Solutions: Drive Informed Decision-Making

Data Analytics

At i-Link Solutions, we excel in a diverse spectrum of data analytics services, spanning various industries.

Our proficiency spans critical domains such as CRM analytics, sourcing optimization, vendor and promotion analytics, inventory optimization, assortment planning, and material planning.

To empower our clients with comprehensive insights into their cost and performance metrics, we offer Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Solutions. These invaluable tools and services provide robust business intelligence and analytics capabilities that streamline operations and drive informed decision-making.

Our team of data experts is highly skilled in various business intelligence (BI) tools, databases, and analytics servers. We’re ready to assist you in customizing and designing your Data Analytics solutions..

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Our team of data experts can assist you with a wide array of business intelligence (BI) tools, databases, and analytics servers.

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Across industries like retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, financial services, and telecom, leveraging data insights can transform operations and strategic planning.

“At i-Link Solutions, we’re dedicated to unleashing your data’s full potential, empowering data-driven decisions to optimize processes and fuel business growth. Contact us now to get started!

Our Data Analytics Tools

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    Business Intelligence

    We leverage a variety of tools, including Cognos, BusinessObjects, SAP BW, Actuate BIRT, SQL Server Reporting Services, and JasperSoft.

  • Databases

    Our expertise covers a wide range of databases, such as Big Data, MongoDB, Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and SQL Server.

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    Data Analytics Servers

    We are well-versed in data analytics servers like Netezza, Cognos, BusinessObjects (BO), SAS, and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

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    ETL Tools

    We're skilled in various ETL tools, including Informatica, BODI, PL/SQL, Ascential, SwissSQL, SSIS, and Pentaho/Kettle.