What We Do

At i-Link Solutions we innovate, engineer, implement and help our clients find success through our unique and tailored software solutions.

Engineering and IT Consulting Services

  • Agile Software Engineering

    Dedicated modernization specialists that can optimize your applications.

  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance

    Experienced specialist in independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) & Software Testing.

  • Cloud Services

    Cloud migratation strategists available to help you maximize efficiencies.

  • Cybersecurity

    Dedicated Cybersecurity professional to keep your systems safe.

  • Data Analytics

    Data analysts to assist you in collecting, cleaning, and interpreting data sets.

Our Approach

Our humanistic approach helps us create advanced IT solutions across a range of different services for all our clients.

By utilizing open-source standards and leveraging the capabilities of modern technologies and research-based methodologies we can focus on efficient technology solutions that promote productivity and teamwork within any organization.

We have brought together a proficient team of technology experts that are responsible for the cross-platform development of procedures with the use of proven project management methodologies, in an effort to provide customizable IT solutions to our clients.

As we place a high value on how our software is experienced by its users, we always try to form the base IT infrastructure in a way that fosters a calm user experience and promotes peak functionality both in the software and the management of each project. Advanced security measures are also put in place and our advanced dedicated team is always available to assist you.

Above all else, we never shy away from a challenge and will keenly explore un-chartered technological solutions to provide you the right IT solutions within a reasonable time-frame and with accessible pricing for organizations of all sizes. We seek to deliver continuous value swiftly and efficiently to provide you with the best possible outcome, driving impact to you so that you too can deliver impact to your customers.

Grow your enterprise by adopting the cloud to improve application uptime, reduce loading times, and increase customer satisfaction.

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