i-Link Solutions Awarded GSA HACS SIN, Further Strengthening its Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

Herndon, VA — August 11, 2023 — i-Link Solutions Awarded GSA HACS SIN, Further Strengthening its Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence.

i-Link Solutions, Inc., a leading enterprise software engineering firm known for its commitment to providing accessible, innovative, and cost-effective IT solutions, is proud to announce its recent achievement of being awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Special Item Number (SIN) 54151HACS for Highly Adaptive CyberSecurity (HACS) Special Item Number (SIN). This prestigious recognition underscores i-Link Solutions’ dedication to delivering top-tier cybersecurity services to federal agencies.

Graphic of Secure Laptop and GSA Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services SIN# 54151HACS

The HACS SIN designation stands as a testament to i-Link Solutions’ cybersecurity expertise, proven through rigorous federal government evaluation. This award cements our role as a trusted partner, delivering top-quality cybersecurity services across the Federal Government.”

The HACS SIN enables federal agencies to efficiently procure cybersecurity services, addressing the evolving threat landscape with agility and confidence. i-Link Solutions’ comprehensive range of services covers a diverse spectrum, including vulnerability assessments, security architecture review, penetration testing, risk and vulnerability assessments, incident response, and cyber hunt.

“We are truly honored to have been awarded the GSA HACS SIN, recognizing our commitment to enhancing the cybersecurity resilience of federal agencies,” said Chocks Solaiappan, President at i-Link Solutions. “This achievement reflects our dedication to excellence and positions us as a reliable partner in safeguarding the nation’s critical IT infrastructure.”

The HACS SIN encompasses five distinct subcategories, all of which i-Link Solutions has been pre-approved to undertake:

1. High Value Asset Assessment (HVA Assessment):
i-Link Solutions provides comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) services, evaluating threats and vulnerabilities, determining deviations from acceptable configurations, and recommending appropriate mitigation measures. Additionally, the company offers Security Architecture Review to ensure the robustness of cybersecurity solutions.

2. Penetration Testing:
i-Link Solutions specializes in conducting thorough penetration tests to simulate real-world cyber attacks, identifying vulnerabilities within applications, systems, and networks.

3. Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (RVA):
The company’s services include an array of services such as network mapping, vulnerability scanning, phishing assessment, wireless assessment, web application assessment, Operating System Security Assessment (OSSA), database assessment, and penetration testing.

4. Incident Response:
i-Link Solutions is well-equipped to assist organizations in responding to cybersecurity incidents, facilitating recovery, removing adversaries from systems, and restoring networks to a secure state.

5. Cyber Hunt:
i-Link Solutions conducts proactive cyber hunts to mitigate immediate and potential threats within specific domains, leveraging its industry expertise to ensure heightened cybersecurity.

i-Link Solutions‘ achievement in securing the GSA HACS SIN demonstrates its commitment to cyber excellence and positions the company as a reliable partner in fortifying the cybersecurity landscape.


The Highly Adaptive Cyber Security (HACS) Special Item Number (SIN) encompasses a range of proactive and reactive cybersecurity services. Companies awarded the HACS SIN demonstrate their expertise in various subcategories, including High Value Asset Assessment, Penetration Testing, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, Incident Response, and Cyber Hunt. The HACS SIN designation empowers federal agencies to efficiently address cybersecurity challenges in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

About i-Link Solutions

i-Link Solutions, Inc. is a leading enterprise software engineering firm that prioritizes providing accessible, innovative, and cost-effective IT solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, i-Link Solutions specializes in delivering top-tier cybersecurity services to federal agencies, contributing to the nation’s cybersecurity resilience.

Our services are used by key players in many industries and governmental organizations. Our federal customers include the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Federal Aviation Administration, General Services Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and New York State.

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia and incorporated in 2002 as an SBA 8(a) Certified Small Minority Woman Owned Firm, i-Link Solutions is proud to be one of the fastest growing companies in America, as recognized by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. For more information, visit www.ilinksolutions.com.

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