Cloud Computing is transforming business and technology. It is changing the way applications are developed and delivered.

Cloud Services

Cloud services have become a key element of growing your business and improving application uptime, reducing loading times, and increasing customer satisfaction.

If you are only now taking your first steps with cloud services, our i-Link Solutions team can help make the transition to the cloud seamless. By improving business mobility and reducing cycle times, you will see a visible improvement in data output as well as quick loading times. Our in-house cloud experts know and use an array of different platforms and cloud services including the Google App Engine (GAE), (Salesforce), Windows Azure (Microsoft), and Heroku (RubyOnRails). With these diverse cloud services, you will be able to transform your business and practices, and you will be able to formulate long and short-term cloud strategies.

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Our Cloud-Solution Services

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud-first development
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Architecture Design

Grow your enterprise by adopting the cloud to improve application uptime, reduce loading times, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Cloud Services can help improve your company’s overall performance without the need for expensive hardware. At i-Link Solutions, we can help you bring this new technology and innovation to your business.

Using cloud services will lead to an increase in your ROI and a significant decrease in your costs. By migrating your existing systems to the cloud or developing brand new systems you will be able to increase your team’s productivity by introducing new sustainable solutions without any interruption to your practices.